Beer and Banter Repugnant Cycle II: RastaFarleyian Resistance

January 25, 2016 @ 12:59 am
Previously on Beer and Banter:

We discuss the Carrey-Verse. 

Now that you're all caught up, here we go!
I'm joined by the 5 Musketeers, well 5 counting myself.  Miss Mallory Wallace (@Super_mallary)  Patrick Richardson (@giraffefights), and Jordan Doll(@Razorlou). 

Now, prepare yourselves for the stunning conclusion and plot-filler of the future major motion picture.  We discuss everything that is right and wrong with and in the "Carrey-verse".  A universe consisting of every type of incarnation of Jim Carrey.  Where Jim Carrey has gone global and only a couple of bands of scrappy resistance fighters dare defy ALPHA-CARREY.
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